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Share As Image is becoming Stencil

In just a few weeks, we’ve got an incredibly exciting new update coming that is going to change everything! Don’t worry though, it’s all really great stuff and you’re going to be really happy about what’s coming…

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The Free Productivity Apps We Use Every Day

It might be surprising for you to hear that Share As Image doesn’t have a big workforce.

There’s a lot that needs doing, and it’s spread between a max of four of us at any one time.

Which means that staying productive is a big priority for us. Because, there’s little room for slacking off or procrastinating.

To be honest, we’re pretty good at staying on task.

But it’s not all down to our laser-focused minds. There’s a whole host of free productivity apps and tools we use to stay on track.

And, I’d like to share them with you, so you can be more productive too.

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How Visuals Improve Conversion Rates on Your Content by 300%

The use of visual information has increased on the internet by 9,900% since 2007. We all know that images and infographics increase traffic on the web, whether it’s on social media, blogs, or our company site, but what we are still unpacking is the why.

As content marketers, we often plug and chug the strategies we know that work when it comes to writing a successful blog, but because visuals are such a crucial component of this formula, the topic is worth delving into a bit more.

Brace yourselves. We are about to enter the world of neuroscience and cognitive studies. Don’t worry, you won’t be quizzed on it, and we won’t get too deep, we will just explore some recent findings.

We first start processing visual information – such as color, shape, orientation, and size – once an image passes through our retina, located at the back of the eye. The retina is the place where light is converted into neural signals. After that, parts of your brain will continue to process that information for longer. And it’s within the brain that things get interesting.

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The 5 Most Important Productivity Lessons I Learned This Year

As the clock hits midnight tonight I’ve officially been running my own business for a year.

I quit my job at a shoe shop, headed to a music festival and then came home to start life as a Freelance Writer.

And, it’s been one hell of a ride.

I’ve learned a lot about business, marketing, social media, life, love and everything else that falls in between. I’ve written about topics I never dreamed I’d learn about, and some I wish that I never had.

I’ve worked from coffee shops, boats, kitchen tables, airports, trains and my own makeshift desk in my study. And I’ve got no idea where it’s going to take me next.

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10 Data Driven Ways To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Right Now

Social Media Marketing can get feel like an uphill struggle.

Maybe you’re just in a creative slump. Perhaps you’re lost, and bored of trying to figure out what you should be doing. Or, you could just be feeling a little stale after a few months of doing the same old same old.

Don’t fret.

In this article you’re going to learn 10 data driven ways to improve your social media strategy strategy, right now, and get more from every update.

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Free And Easy Ways To Find New Content Ideas For Your Audience

Finding new content ideas for your audience is hard.

I mean, you probably have hundreds of ideas rolling around in the back of your head right now. But, it’s just finding where you left the darn key to that door, isn’t it?

Plus there are all the questions that hang over your head:

  • Is this a good idea?
  • How well will the post perform?
  • Is this even a post my audience want?

And it doesn’t matter if this is a for a blog post you’re creating yourself, or whether you’re just looking for something new to share on Twitter…it’s always in the back of your mind.

Well, today, you’re going to put those questions to bed.

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4 Effortless Productivity Tips To Stop Online Distractions

Imagine this:

You work in an office filled with distractions.

Every 30 seconds someone comes and throws something random onto your desk.

Your phone rings every other minute, people are tapping you on the back, and there is always someone walking around showing you a video of something funny.

You’d never get anything done, would you?

But if you work on the Internet, this is your entire life.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of distractions to contend with every minute. Never mind all the other tasks you put on yourself.

And, if you’re honest…it’s hard to say no.

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4 Easy To Make Blog Images To Boost Your Engagement By 20%

How effective is your blog?

Chances are if you’ve got one somewhere, whether it’s a Medium page you write on once a month, a corporate blog, or the main way you drive new customers to your business.

But no matter what type of blog you’ve got, there are always methods you could use to make it even better. There are always more shares to be had, more readers to reach and better content to create.

One of the best ways to improve your blog overnight?

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5 Simple Ways To Get More Productive (In Less Than The Time It Takes To Shower)


I’m writing this post in the midst of what is probably our busiest month yet. We’ve had an awesome deal running with AppSumo, created a new content strategy had nearly 1,000 people join our tribe and replied to hundreds of emails.

I’m sure you’ve been super busy too, haven’t you?

It doesn’t matter how much planning you do, there always seems to be more work to do than you accounted for. And you’re left wondering if there really are 24 hours in the day.

There are, I promise.

The problem for all of us busy people though is maximising your time:

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