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Simple Graphic Design Tips for the Non-Designer

Simple Graphic Design Tips for the Non-Designer with Stencil

Have you ever seen a design and wonder – how did they do that? Creating graphic designs can be a wonderful feat however it can be a bit stressful. Sometimes making decisions on colors, fonts, filters, etc. can be overwhelming for a non-designer. When there’s confusion on how an image should look, it can be a huge time-waster! Today we want to bring you simple graphic design tips for the non-designer that will save hours of frustration and time. Let’s get to the tips!

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How to Use the New Upload Font Feature (Plus Google Web Fonts)

How to use the upload font feature plus Google web fonts.

Stencil Google Fonts

Creating designs with amazing fonts can produce extraordinary images! We value your creativity and want to make designing social media images in a snap, however beautiful as well. We’re happy to announce that you can now upload your own fonts plus an awesome feature to access Google Web Fonts. Fonts can make or break a design. Now it’s time to show you how to use the new upload font feature. Let’s get to it!

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How to use Color Psychology in Social Media Marketing

color psychology in social media marketing with Stencil

Colors in Stencil

Color plays an emotional connection in everything we do in our lives, from deep childhood rooted memories to everyday occurrences. In the business world, color psychology plays an importance in social media marketing and branding. Color association can stir up negative or positive emotions with each individual. How do you know your colors are affecting your clients in a positive manner? Today we’ll discuss how to use color psychology in social media marketing to help you create a positive impression.

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Tis the Season to Create Amazing Holiday Images

Create Amazing Holiday Images with Stencil


The holidays are upon us and social media feeds will be filled with sparkling trees, winter wonderlands, and mischievous elves. Impactful holiday images can stir up nostalgic memories and emotional ties. Taking this time of season into your social media marketing is crucial. If you plan the holidays within your social media strategy, it can improve your efforts to get in front of your ideal audience and build your community stronger. We have a few tips in our Santa’s bag to help you create amazing holiday images for social media.

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How to Create Images with Icons & Graphics using Stencil

How to create images with icons and graphics using Stencil

Icons are used in our every day lives. We may not be aware of it or notice until we are traveling abroad, taking a driver’s test, or clicking a link on a website. Part of great visual design includes icons and graphics. Rather than a photo or color background, icons can deliver universal communication in social media, web design, and other images. We’d like to guide you on how to create images with icons and graphics using Stencil. This way any images you create for social media and other platforms can have a clear message, leaving no confusion with potential customers or clients.

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Strategize with Social Media Image Templates in Stencil

Strategize with Social Media Image Template with Stencil.

Social media can be time-consuming! That’s why we want to familiarize you with our Social Media Image Templates. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, social media requires time and dedication. To speed things up, try taking advantage of social media image templates in Stencil. These materials are designed to expedite your work flow and help you move onto your next task at hand.

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How to Create Beautiful Quote Images with Stencil

How to Create Beautiful Quote Images with Stencil

Ready to be inspired? Believe it or not, quote images or graphics actually can change our way of thinking. Beautiful quote images inspire and motivate. It’s a quick fix for boredom or “Monday Blues” or a downright bad day, humans are in constant lookout for inspiration. Having a bad day? Let’s check out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. surely a friend or family member has something good to say. We’re always looking for something to brighten our day! Today we’re going to show you how to create beautiful quote images with Stencil so you can inspire and motivate.

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How To Break Your Slump: 5 Tricks To Give You Creative Ideas Right Now

About a month ago I sat down at my desk, like I do every day.

I had my usual piping hot cup of coffee, and I was watching the dog run around the garden.

Then I turned to my screen. Pulled up my Word Document. And my mind went blank.

There was nothing.



And it stayed that way for, oh, I don’t know…about a week.

I couldn’t get one single idea in my head. No matter how hard I tried.

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What John Cleese, Stephen King, Paul Simon and Anthony Trollope Can Teach You About Creativity

Anthony Trollope was one of the world’s most creative writers.

In the 1800’s he regularly released novels over 700 pages in length, multiple times a year, and wrote whole series so long in length that Lord of the Rings looks like a short story.

And, he did all of this while working a full time job for the British Postal Service.

According to Stephen King in his book On Writing, he was able to stay so creative for one simple reason – his process:

“He wrote for two and a half hours before work. This schedule was ironclad. If he was mid-sentence when this two and a half hours expired, he left that sentence unfinished until the next morning.”

If he finished a book in that time too, he’d simply write The End, set it aside, and start writing his next book.

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