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Motivational Quotes for a Successful Year

Motivational Quotes for a Successful Year

Can motivational quotes really motivate you? In recent years, you’ve probably found countless articles with “the best” motivational or inspirational quotes. Some have written articles that are enraged that people continue to use motivational quotes on social media. However, we’d like to explore a little further into why people seem to gravitate toward these uplifting positive phrases. Let’s get to it!

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How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

According to a report from Harvard Business School, over half of the startups are no longer operating after six years and 75% of entrepreneurs exit with no equity. The road to entrepreneurship is indeed a rough one. You have to wonder what entrepreneurs do to keep themselves motivated when times get tough in business. We have some advice on how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur to successfully build a business for years to come.

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Elevate Stock Photos for Amazing Visual Content

Elevate Stock Photos for Amazing Visual Content

Stock photos get a bad rep sometimes. When people think of stock photos, they think of people in suits shaking hands or really creepy happy people jumping in place. Although many of the stock photos can be funny, not all stock photos are bad. There are some really great photos out there but many times they’re so good they get overused around the internet. We have some ideas to help elevate stock photos to make them customized as your own visual content. No one will ever come across your website or social media account and see another clichéd stock photo.

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Fonts For Successful Content Marketing

Fonts for Successful Content Marketing

The successful use of fonts can turn good content into great content. One way to ensure a successful image is to choose a font that reflects the tone of your content. Your font can inspire emotional connections, increase market value, and even boost sales. We’re going to chat about why you should be thoughtful of your font usage, where fonts can be found, different types of font, and what popular fonts in Stencil you should use. Let’s get to it!

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How to Promote Service-Based Businesses on Social Media

How to promote a service-based business

Selling a service can be difficult! When you don’t have a tangible product to showcase like a product-based business, it can be hard to show off and talk about how valuable a service is to your customers. Service-based businesses have to be a bit more creative to plan out a social media marketing strategy to promote their business. Sometimes we all need some encouragement to get those creative sparks going. In this post, we’re going to show you how to promote service-based businesses on social media.

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15 Amazing Tips from the Best Visual Marketing Experts

Amazing Tips from the Best Visual Marketing Experts

When there’s a new skill to learn you go to the best of the best to educate yourself and learn all that you can. It’s no different when you want to learn about the latest social media trends and visual marketing tips online.

When you want to design social media graphics and post on social media you want to be sure you’re doing what the experts would do. We’ve handpicked the best of the best visual marketing experts that gave us their top three tips to help you with your social media marketing. Let’s get started!

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How Startup Marketing is Like Learning to Surf

Surfers will tell you that there’s no better feeling than paddling out to a wave, catching it and then riding it all the way back to shore. It’s the thrill of seeing an opportunity, going for it and then reveling in the knowledge that you just accomplished something truly amazing.

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How Freelance Writers Can Use Stencil To Wow Their Clients

What if I told you that images can improve your value, your results and make your more irresistible to clients?

Here’s the truth:

The right image, in the right place, can skyrocket your article and take it viral. And the wrong ones can hold it back and be sure it never gets read.

There’s also a big burden on your clients to find the right images, with the right credits, to make the article pop.

And these two problems present the perfect opportunity for you:

If you’re able to find and deliver images that will improve the performance of the article, and save them time and effort, you’ll be able to wow them with value and add another layer to your business that makes you a writer worth keeping.

Over the last four years I’ve used Stencil to save my clients time and money, whilst improving the performance of my articles. And in this article I’d like to share with you four simple ways you can do the same…

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Unique Ways to Create Social Media Posts with Stencil’s Resizable Images

Unique Ways to Create Social Media Posts with Stencil

Creating images can be challenging, especially finding new and unique ways to create social media posts. What can you do that hasn’t already been done? It may seem like you may be mimicking what others have done or have seen the same old types of posts. We’d like to show you a variety of different types of posts that you can try to keep customers curious and thirsty for more using Stencil’s resizeable images. Let’s do this!

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