Easil vs. Stencil

Stencil and Easil differ in a lot of ways.
Here's how we're different...

Among the Easil alternatives, here's how Stencil stacks up:

Easil is a great tool depending on what you're looking for, but we've taken a different approach with Stencil. So if you're looking for an app like Easil, here's how we differ:

Stencil is built for speed.

Stencil was designed to be the fastest way for small businesses to design images for digital and social media marketing. From the moment we started planning, we knew it was important for Stencil to be incredibly easy to use, so that you could use it as quickly as possible, and move on with your day.

That meant removing a lot of advanced features that you often find in tools like Photoshop.

That's the first way that Stencil is different from Easil: everything can be controlled in Stencil through one interface. No more jumping around between your Designs, Templates, and Editor, like in Easil.

We've also developed a series of Browser Extensions and Add-ons so that you can access Stencil no matter where on the internet you are.

Stencil for Chrome

Stencil for Firefox

Stencil for Safari

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Stencil is perfect for social sharing

If you find yourself needing to manage a social channel for your brand or business, that's another way Stencil differs from Easil. With Stencil, you can post directly to social accounts with one-click.

So if you were searching for an app like Easil to help you manage posting to social media accounts, Stencil might be a good fit.







Stencil doesn't have any hidden costs!

Easil has a library of photos and icons, but they charge you for each one that you use. Stencil, on the other hand, gives you access to 5,000,000+ photos and 3,100,000+ icons for one price... no hidden costs!

We love supporting our customers!

We've had 200+ phone calls with our customers and users. Sometimes, they're to get feedback on what we should build next. Other times, it's to help walk people through the steps to get faster with Stencil.

It's something we love doing, and so you should feel confident that if you reach out, we'll be there to help!

Schedule with Buffer

Scheduling posts to Social Media is easy with Stencil

Because of our hyper-focus on speed, we wanted Stencil to be not only the fastest way to design images, but also the fastest ways to schedule them for posting.

To accomplish this, we've partnered with Buffer so that in two-clicks, you can schedule your images and graphics to be scheduled without ever having to leave Stencil.

Schedule your images with Buffer in two-clicks

If you've got a Buffer account set up, you can schedule your images as soon as you finish designing them, right from Stencil.

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