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When working with photos in Stencil, there's a number of simple options for making sure your image looks just right. More importantly, that text is clearly visible on the image and easy for your audience to read. Stencil offers some great tools for making your photo perfect.

Blur image


Sometimes you want text to really pop in your image. Stencil's blur controls allow you to adjust the level of blur in your background image, so you can make text more visible.

Lighten image


Lighten works like transparency, but it won't matter what color is behind your image. It'll lighten things up, so that dark text can made more visible no matter what image you're using.

Darken image


Darken, much like lighten, allows you to adjust how dark the image is so that light text can appear more visible. Use this on light images to create a great effect.

Color overlay image

Color Overlay

Color overlays add a layer of depth and will also make text more visible on your image. You can use any color imaginable to overlay the canvas, including your brand color.

Flip image


Images in the canvas can be quickly flipped either vertically or horizontally with just one click.

Transparency image


Add transparency to your images to let the background color shine through. This is especially handy for quickly making text or icons more visible on the canvas.


Filters can give your image an entirely new feel and create an emotional connection with your audience. Use Stencil's built-in filters to stylize your images quickly and easily.

Image Cropping

You'll inevitably run into images that need some cropping. With Stencil's image cropping, you can easily crop images however you'd like, including the ability to crop using a selection of common shapes.

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