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75+ Preset canvas sizes to get you started.

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Stencil includes more than 75 preset canvas sizes to take out all the guesswork. Say for example, you want to create a beautiful new Facebook cover photo. Just use the canvas re-sizer to instantly select the "Facebook Cover" preset size that has all the correct dimensions.

Canvas resizer

With Stencil's presets, you can rest assured knowing that you're using the correct dimensions. From social media image sizes to blog post images and more, Stencil covers all the most common sizes you'll need when starting a new image. Here are some of the preset sizes we currently offer:


  • Blog Post Feature
  • Blog Post Image
  • Small Square
  • Medium Square
  • Large Square
  • Logo / Avatar
  • Favicon
  • Rectangle Wide
  • Rectangle Tall
  • Icon Small
  • Icon Medium
  • Icon Large
  • Email Banner
  • Email Banner Tall
  • Email Banner Wide
  • HD TV
  • Website Hero
  • Mobile Small
  • Mobile Medium
  • Mobile Large
  • eBook Cover
  • Letter
  • Twitter Website Card
  • Google My Business Profile
  • Merch by Amazon - T-Shirt
  • Merch by Amazon - Phone Case
  • Generic Print Product
  • Generic T-Shirt
  • Redbubble Avatar
  • Etsy Product Photo
  • Printful T-Shirt
  • Teepublic T-Shirt
  • Spreadshirt T-Shirt
  • Zazzle T-Shirt
  • Printify T-Shirt
  • Shopify Product Photo
  • Tumblr Profile Picture


Create Your Own Custom Sizes

If you aren't able to find a preset size that works for you, you can create your own! The best part is, you can then name and save that preset to use again later for similar projects.

Safe Areas Ensure Your Images Don't Get Cut Off

With Safe Areas in Stencil, you can turn on/off overlays on the canvas that show you exactly where it’s safe to put graphics in your header/cover images, ensuring they won’t be cut off by profile photos or other changes between desktop/mobile/tablet/etc. This is available for all Stencil plans (even free accounts, yay!) and is automatically enabled for the following cover/header images:

Safe areas

Just select one of those from the canvas re-sizer and the “Safe Area” guides will appear. If the overlays ever get in your way, you can always easily turn the “Safe Area” off.

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