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With the Stencil Chrome Extension you can very quickly create images from almost any web page. Simply install the extension and open Stencil from anywhere on the web. This is great for situations where you're on a site, have an idea for an image and want to quickly create it without having to leave the page. There's a number of different ways to use the Stencil Chrome Extension, each one designed to save you time and be part of your flow while browsing the web.

Open Stencil On Other Websites

Reading a news article and inspired to create an image? With the Stencil Chrome Extension installed, you just need to click the Stencil icon beside the Chrome address bar and Stencil will slide down over top of the page you're on. From there, you can instantly design an image -- while you're inspired -- without ever leaving the page. You can even share the image directly to any of your social media accounts right from the website you're on.

Right-Click Images Anywhere

See a photo on the web you want to add some of your own text or icons to? Right-click the image and select "Stencil > Open Image with Stencil" to edit it with Stencil right there on the page. Just make sure you have permission to use the photo if it's for anything other than personal use.

Highlight Text Anywhere

How many times have you seen an amazing text quote online that you wish was a beautiful image? With the Stencil Chrome Extension installed, you can highlight text on nearly any web page, right-click and select "Stencil > Create Image with Stencil" to have it appear in the Stencil canvas right there on the page. You can also combine this with a photo on the page:

  1. Highlight the text you want to include in your image.
  2. Right-click the photo you want to use as a background (make sure you have permission to use the photo if it's for anything other than personal use)
  3. Select "Stencil > Open Image with Stencil"
  4. That's it! Stencil will appear on the page you're on and you'll have the highlighted text in your canvas, with the photo you right-clicked as the background.

Crop Images On-The-Go

Sometimes there's a photo on a website you want to use, but you don't want to add any text. Perhaps all you're looking to do is crop the image. The Stencil Chrome Extension makes this amazingly easy:

  1. Right-click the image you want to crop.
  2. Select "Stencil > Crop Image with Stencil"
  3. This will open Stencil on the page you're on, with the cropping tool open and ready to instantly crop the image.
  4. Once the image is cropped how you like it, you can share it, download it, get a direct link to it and more!

Stencil is the web's favorite graphic design tool.

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