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3,100,000+ Premium icons available right inside Stencil.

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Stencil has over 3,100,000 icons & graphics built in, making it one of the fastest ways to enhance your images. The majority of our icons come from The Noun Project and Icons8. We've set up special licensing so you can use these icons however you want -- for personal or commercial use, with no attribution required!

In addition to the solid black and white icons from The Noun Project, we have 35,000+ premium icons supplied by ThoseIcons, RoundIcons and many other top icon designers. These are some of the most stunning icons on the web and many of them are also full color. These icons are also completely safe to use however you'd like for personal or commercial purposes.

Icon Sets

We've done the hard work of collecting millions of icons so you can jump right into Stencil and not worry about usage rights or downloading anything. Here's a full list of our different icon sources:

High-Resolution Icons

All of the icons in Stencil are high-resolution, so you can scale them up and go wherever your imagination takes you. Some great examples of ways to use these icons are:

Create Icon Collections

With Collections, you can create groups of icons you may want to access later. This is great for grouping icons for campaigns, clients, events, etc. so you can easily find them later. Icons can also easily be added to your Favorites so you can find them in a snap.

View Entire Icon Sets

Sometimes the icon you're using come from a particular set. When right-clicking an icon in Stencil that belongs to a set, you'll have the option to "View icon set". This will display the entire set that this icon is from, so you can add icons with a similar style to your design. Using multiple effectively in a design often means having some consistency between them. By including icons from the same set, you'll get a more seamless look to your images with a consistent design style.

Icon Sets

Filter Icons by Designer

Since many of Stencil's icons come from incredible designers, you may want to see what other icons they've created. By right-clicking any icon in the search results, you can choose to view "More from designer" to see all the other icons that were designed by this particular designer. This opens up new possibilities for including beautiful icons in your images, that you may have never otherwise thought to search for.

Upload your own icons

3,100,000 not enough? Upload your own icons in JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and SVG format to have them available in Stencil to use any time. You can even add them to your own Collections and easily access them.

Export Icons NEW

Often, all you're looking to do is grab an icon and be on your way. Once you've found your perfect icon, right-click on it and then choose "Export Icon". All icon exports are PNG format and available in 3 high-resolution sizes. Also, we make sure to trim all the whitespace around the icon so you can place it more accurately.

Export Icons

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