PicMonkey vs. Stencil

Some of the ways that Stencil and PicMonkey are different.

From all the PicMonkey alternatives, here's how Stencil compares:

PicMonkey might be the right tool for some jobs, but with Stencil, we think we've built something pretty magical. If you're looking to try an app like PicMonkey, here's what you might consider with Stencil:

Stencil is lightening fast!

If you've tried PicMonkey, you'll know that it has a huge number of features and tools. But with Stencil, we tried to remove all the extra stuff that can get in your way. We've cut it down to be as simple as possible, so that it's as fast and easy as possible to get in and design your images.

And to help us get there, we've developed Browser Extensions so that you can use Stencil with the click of a button, no matter what webpage you happen to be visiting.

Stencil for Chrome

Stencil for Firefox

Stencil for Safari

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Stencil is ideal for Social Media Marketing

If you find yourself trying to maintain your brand or business social media accounts, or are maintaining them on behalf of another brand or business, then Stencil is a great fit.

We've developed intuitive tools so you can preview what your images will look like before you post them, and then give you one-click solutions to post them directly from Stencil.







Customer Support is our calling!

Some other feedback we've heard from PicMonkey users is that it's super tough to get a hold of their customer support, ask questions, and offer feedback.

Something we're really proud of is that we've had 200+ phone calls with our customers and users. We're always available because we think it's important you trust us with your time.

We love to support our customers, and want you to know we're always available to help!

Schedule with Buffer

We help you schedule Social Media posts in a few clicks

While PicMonkey offers a ton of advanced features, something we feel they lack is the ability to quickly and easily schedule your images to be posted to your social channels.

To help us (and help you), we've partnered with Buffer to add two-click-scheduling, directly from Stencil.

Image scheduling (with Buffer) in two-clicks

Once you're logged into your Buffer account, you can schedule images to be posted in a couple of clicks, right from within Stencil.

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