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Quickly add your logo or a watermark to any image.

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Logos & Watermarks are incredibly easy to use and store in Stencil. You can upload as many logos as you'd like and toggle them on/off at any time. Stencil will always remember the last position of a logo/watermark, so it's as simple as just turning it on. For example, if you always want your logo to appear in the bottom right of an image, Stencil will remember that and always position the image in that exact spot, regardless of the canvas size!

Logo Adjustments

Stencil has a number of options for modifying your logo after you've uploaded it to get the perfect look and feel. This means you don't have to worry about your logo being perfectly styled before uploading it to Stencil. After you've uploaded your logo, you can crop, lighten, darken, make transparent, color overlay and even flip it.

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