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Schedule your images using Buffer and automate your image sharing.

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Scheduling posts is a delicate process and that's why we've left it to the experts. Stencil integrates with Buffer, so you can schedule all your image posts in advance without ever leaving Stencil. By leveraging Buffer, you get to harness the full power of post scheduling and they even offer a great free account option.

Schedule to Multiple Social Networks at Once

By integrating with Buffer, Stencil essentially becomes a fully-fledged image scheduling machine! You can create the perfect image, and schedule it to share to all your social networks, all in one place. This all happens from the Stencil "Preview & Share" window, so you can quickly schedule your image and go right back to creating more images.

Schedule with Buffer
Schedule with Buffer

Direct Instagram Sharing via Buffer

Since Buffer is an official Instagram Partner and offers direct sharing from the desktop, you can share directly to Instagram from Stencil using Buffer. This is an alternate approach to using Stencil's Instagram SMS feature, but every bit as effective. All you need to get started is a free account with Buffer and of course, a Stencil account.

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