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Even though Stencil has over 5,000,000+ photos built-in, you can always upload your own photos. We offer a generous amount of storage space across all plans so you can store your images for whenever you need them. You can also store them in Collections for easy access later.

Create Upload Collections

With Collections, you can create groups of photos that you've uploaded. This is great for grouping uploads for campaigns, clients, events, etc. so you can easily find them later. Uploads can also quickly be added to your Favorites so you can find them instantly.

Drag & Drop Anywhere to Upload

Uploading is something you might do fairly often, so it's important that it's fast and easy to do. Drag an image from your desktop anywhere onto Stencil and it'll automatically start uploading the image. It's a subtle enhancement, but once you realize how fast it is, you'll never want to upload photos any other way again!

Drag and drop uploads

Crop Your Uploaded Images

Any photo you upload (or any of the photos in Stencil), can be quickly cropped using Stencil's cropping tool. It's as easy as right-clicking an image thumbnail or an image in the canvas, and selecting "Crop".

Download Your Uploaded Images At Any Time

You never have to feel locked into Stencil when it comes to image uploads. Easily multi-select any uploaded images that you want to download, and a zip file containing all of them will be ready to download within seconds.

Import Images From Other Services NEW

In addition to uploading images directly from your device, you can also import images directly to Stencil from:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Link (i.e. a website address that already hosts your image)
  • Camera (The camera on your device)

Import images to Stencil

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