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5,000,000+ Royalty Free Photos available right inside Stencil.

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Stencil's built-in 5,000,000+ photos make creating images faster than you've ever imagined. We've partnered with the best image providers in the industry to bring millions of royalty-free images right into Stencil. The old way of doing it was to go to another site, download an image, manually upload it, and then load it into your canvas. But since all the photos are built right into Stencil, millions of images are just a click away.

Photos Are Completely Safe to Use

All of the photos and icons in Stencil are royalty-free and safe to use! They are sourced from trusted providers and can be used personally or commercially, with no attribution required. Some examples include social media graphics, blog/website images, ads, posters, t-shirts, eBooks...or practically anything. For more detailed information on usage, learn more.

Background Images and Re-sizable Images

When it comes to loading images into the canvas we handle them in 2 different ways:

  1. Background Images - Stencil automatically resizes all photos to fit your canvas either by resizing at the width or the height of an image, whichever is bigger. This allows you to quickly click through images and preview them without having to resize.
  2. Re-sizable Images - Of course, you can also choose to make your images fully re-sizable and change their dimensions however you'd like. With re-sizable images you can have more than one in the canvas at a time, so creating a collage is a breeze!

Cropping Photos is Fast and Easy

Any photo in Stencil, whether it's built-in or one of your own uploaded photos, can be easily cropped however you'd like. Use regular rectangles or fancy shapes to get the exact crop you're looking for. When cropping images, you can:

  • Instantly download the cropped version
  • Get a direct link to the cropped version for quick sharing
  • Save to your Uploads
  • Save to your Logos / Watermarks
  • Set as a background in your canvas
  • Add to the canvas as a re-sizable image
Crop Images

Create Photo Collections

With Collections, you can create groups of photos for easy access later. This is great for grouping photos for campaigns, clients, events, etc. so you can easily find them later. Photos can also easily be added to your Favorites so you can find them in a snap.

Almost all of the photos in Stencil are high-resolution, making them usable for a very wide range of different purposes. Some great examples of our curated photo categories are:

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