What can we say, our customers love us!

Your product is a life saver and amazing. I rarely applaud apps but you guys just hit the nail on the head.

Joseph Saad

You have truly helped a non-techy person to create and share visuals, be able to do so without paying high fees to a third party.

Selina Maitreya

Since using your AWESOME app, my shares on Facebook + Twitter have gone up to the tune of 500%. Nice! Worth every penny.

Share Ross

Stencil ticks all the boxes for being incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to hop in and out quickly, availability anywhere in any browser, having an amazing selection of free to use images, and offering awesome customer service.

Thea Westra, Owner, Author, Infopreneur, Forward Steps

Stencil is one of those tools that I recommend to my small business and entrepreneurial students. I create my own graphics for social media, but I have no design background. I have tried just about everything out there, Canva, DesignBold, ImageX... Stencil is the most intuitive one, and easiest to use to quickly make good-looking graphics.

Melanie Downey

I'm impressed already. I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles of Photoshop - I need to make blog graphics and ads. Stencil looks perfect.

Marie Beausoleil

Kevin Knebl

"I've been making about a pic a day for the last few years and it's been an incredibly powerful biz tool for me. And it's fun."

Kevin Knebl, Author of Social Media Sales Revolution

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My lovefest with Stencil continues. Yesterday asked if they would add something. Got an email this morning. Boom! Done. Thanks! xoxox

Melissa McClone

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a graphic and web designer who is in love with Stencil!!

Toni Taylor

Grabbed an image. Typed the text and chose the colour. Added a partial transparency effect. Posted it. DONE! Total time about 7 minutes...Photoshop equivalent would have been 20-25 minutes easily.

Paul Irvine

Brilliant. Amazing. Beautiful. FAST. I was using OpenOffice (really) to design graphics and all of my printed media...took ages. This is absolutely perfect. EXACTLY what I was thinking...and more. Totally recommended.

Elliott Day

Stencil makes it possible for me to create engaging posts for Instagram that consistently get 40 to over 100 likes with a small audience. It is fast, easy, and just works. Highly recommended!

Steve De Long

Stencil has made my project so very easy to create and spread. I wanted to write to thank you for working so hard to make it so easy for me to share kindness every day!

Claudia Hall Christian

"The quickest way for me to prettify an image. Super helpful!"

Noah Kagan, Founder of AppSumo/SumoMe

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Noah Kagan
Stencil has become an essential image tool in my box. Not only do I have access to millions of images, but I can beautify them too!

Federico Arrizabalaga Sandoval,

I really love Stencil, it’s helps me a lot for my business :-)

Olaf Schwantes

Stencil has turned out to be a big time-saver for me and the fact that the app keeps improving month after month at a price point that frankly is way too low for what it offers, is an added bonus. I highly recommend it.

Dieter Staudinger

Stencil has been amazing for me. I love all the options and the graphics are wonderful. Thanks so much for the great upgrades and service!!! My blog has benefited greatly the past couple of months!

Beth Ann Chiles

I signed up for Stencil after searching for a simple tool to make quick and sharable content for my social media clients. I found it to be delightfully intuitive, convenient and reasonably priced. No photoshop lessons required!

Susan Williams

Stencil has streamlined what was a huge bottleneck for me - making images for each of my social media accounts. I was quickly and easily able to make a series of great images in a fraction of the time it would have taken with other programs - I'm a very happy user!

Susan Fuller

Kevin Knebl

"Can I just say that I adore Stencil?! I've been singing its praises for a couple months now... there is simply nothing like it."

Jennifer Bly, The Deliberate Mom

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