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1,350+ templates built-in to Stencil make it even easier to get off to a quick start. Using a template helps you get past that "blank slate" feeling, where you're not really sure where to begin. Looking to whip together a Valentine's Day promo graphic? Or maybe an Instagram post to go along with it? We got you've covered with a giant selection of template categories.

All templates can be used for personal or commercial purposes and all of them include photos, icons and fonts that are also completely safe to use however you'd like. No attribution required either!


Template Categories

Stencil has a wide range of template category options as well. Here are few:

Save Your Own Templates

Have you ever found yourself creating the same style or type of image over and over? Skip the setup work every time and save your own template to use for later. You can store as many templates as you want in Stencil and use them for a starting point to any new project.

Create Template Collections

With Collections, you can create groups of templates you may want to access later. This is great for organization templates related to campaigns, clients, events, etc. Templates can also easily be added to your Favorites so you can find them in a snap.

Share Public URL NEW

Every template in Stencil has a public URL and can be shared with anyone. Right-click any template (including templates that you've created) and select "Copy public URL" to get a direct link to that template. You can even share this with others who don't have a Stencil account. When they click on the link, it'll open Stencil with the template loaded.

If you're a Stencil affiliate, you can add your affiliate ID to any of the Stencil templates and share them with your audience!

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