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3 Companies That Help Make Stencil Amazing


Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to have a number of people write posts about Stencil. In some cases, they’ve written about how it’s helped them with their business. In others, they just wanted to share specific features with their subscribers because they knew they’d find it interesting.

Those writers have helped us grow our business by introducing more people to Stencil. And it’s because of this that I wanted to write my own blog post about the companies that we use.

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What Businesses Can Do To Make Customers Happy

What Business Can Do To Make Customers Happy

How do you feel when a business does something uniquely right? You know the type of service that’s impeccably good you have to let everyone know about. Businesses are always looking for new ways to gain customers. What they should look for and ask themselves is what it takes to keep and make customers happy. We have some interestingly simple tips. Let’s get to it!

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Why Your Customer Service Strategy Needs a Personal Touch

Why Your Customer Service Strategy Needs a Personal Touch

“Thanks for calling Every Company’s Customer Service. This call could be recorded for quality assurance. Para servicio en español, diga español.”

Humans are smart. First, we replaced horses with cars. Now, we’ve become so advanced as a species that we’ve eliminated the need for human interactions.

Or have we?

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