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13 Extraordinary Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

13 Extraordinary Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Marketing a business can be tough when you feel like you’ve exhausted so many ideas. If you feel like you’re struggling or bored with the same marketing strategies it’s time to take on a new and fresh approach. Let’s take a look at a variety of marketing ideas that’ll pump you up and get energized to market your business as an entrepreneur.

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How to Boost Your Work Productivity with Tools

Boost your Work Productivity with Tools

Every human being wants to be productive in all things but most importantly with work. Nothing is worse than trying to get something done and it’s taking FOREVER to get done. Doubt, fear, insecurity all come collapsing in on you at once, then the questions start rolling in your mind – What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get this right? Why is this taking so long? Am I hungry? etc. Comparisonitis hits you big time and Shiny Object Syndrome seems to drown you and you realize that at a time you must be the most productive you’ve just wasted hours of being unproductive. No fear! We’ve got ways to boost your work productivity with tips and tools. Let’s get started!

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Top Automation Tools that Make Business Easy


Ever think about making things work smarter for business? Yeah… we want to work smarter too. With technology advancing, there are so many automation tools to increase productivity for business. The question is which tools actually help you work smarter and automate tedious tasks for you. That’s where we do the research for you and give you a head start with our top tool list. Let’s get started!

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How to Be a Better Blogger with Tools

How to Be a Better Blogger with Tools
Many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realize the huge commitment writing a blog can be until they start one. You finally establish your domain name and hosting. You’ve got a business to run and you’ve got ideas for your blog. Overwhelm takes over! A blogger needs to be productive and efficient with creating their content. What’s the blog secret? Tools! Lots of magical tools that can help any blogger become a better blogger. Let’s get to them!

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Top 10 Podcasts for Business & Marketing You Should Listen To

Top Ten Business Podcasts

Did you know 48 Million people have engaged in listening to podcasts? Forty-eight million. That’s more than double the highest-rated television program, which is NFL Sunday Night Football. That’s a crazy massive amount of listeners. Podcasts can be unbelievably helpful, fun, and thought-provoking. Business and marketing podcasts have really taken off and entrepreneurs are clamoring for them. However, how can you go through hundreds of podcasts for business? We’ve gone through several business podcasts and narrowed the list down to ten. It was not easy. We’re happy to bring you the top ten you should listen to.

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Fonts For Successful Content Marketing

Fonts for Successful Content Marketing

The successful use of fonts can turn good content into great content. One way to ensure a successful image is to choose a font that reflects the tone of your content. Your font can inspire emotional connections, increase market value, and even boost sales. We’re going to chat about why you should be thoughtful of your font usage, where fonts can be found, different types of font, and what popular fonts in Stencil you should use. Let’s get to it!

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How to Promote Service-Based Businesses on Social Media

How to promote a service-based business

Selling a service can be difficult! When you don’t have a tangible product to showcase like a product-based business, it can be hard to show off and talk about how valuable a service is to your customers. Service-based businesses have to be a bit more creative to plan out a social media marketing strategy to promote their business. Sometimes we all need some encouragement to get those creative sparks going. In this post, we’re going to show you how to promote service-based businesses on social media.

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Updates on Facebook Cover and Instagram Story Images (Sizes and Templates)


With all the changes in cover sizes and dimensions for various social media platform features, it’s a bit hard to keep up. Right?! Just a few months ago, there was an uproar on Facebook cover images. All of a sudden Facebook group covers were cut off and people were wondering what happened to their images. Social media managers were scrambling for the correct size and pulling their hair out wondering why Facebook didn’t even announce the new change. This happens all the time and Stencil has to stay on top of the changes. We’re happy to bring you some updates on Facebook cover and Instagram Story images plus some examples that can inspire you.

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Social Media Images That Inspire Your Audience (An Analytical View)

Social Media Images That Inspire Your Audience

Creating social media images and sending them out into the world hoping they inspire your audience can be… hit or miss. You never know what they’ll like until you create, test, and measure. It’s a process that takes time, but you’ll want to take full advantage of what you find because it’s such a satisfying feeling to know when you’ve finally hit a chord and resonated with someone in your audience. How would you know though? Is it all the likes, retweets, and comments? It’s actually a bit more to it than that. We’re going behind-the-scenes and digging into what makes social media images truly inspirational. Let’s check it out!

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