Social Media Content That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Social Media Content That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Thinking of social media content for business can get monotonous and can make social media posting a bit boring. As a business owner, you’ve got to spice things up because if you’re getting bored with your content then your audience is as well. We’ll go through some unique ways to use social media content that will get your business noticed and get out of that boring funk. Let’s do this!

Social Media Content That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Blog Posts

It may seem like an obvious choice but you can share your blog for social media posts with images and videos. Share your blog with a blog post image and other images within the blog post. Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Use a video platform like Lumen5 to generate a quick video with tips from the blog post. Check out this video we created for our marketing tips blog post (it took 10 minutes at the most to create).


Call-To-Action (CTA) Post

When you create an image post with a CTA within the image, it’s urging your followers to take action now. List the date and time of your next product launch or webinar.

Agorapulse does a great job in promoting a webinar with Jay Baer in this Instagram post.

Agorapulse webinar with Jay Baer


GIFs are fun! If you’re using them in your main posts or responding back to a follower on a post they can be used. Use them with caution as some can be a bit out of control with flashing colors and fast movements. You’ll want to think about what your audience would like.

Create your own GIFs with Giphy. Use images from Stencil with text or add text within Giphy. It has all sorts of text and sticker options but you should keep it simple.

Here’s an example:



Giveaways are always a fun opportunity to gain more followers or keep existing followers happy. It’s also a way to add names to your mailing list. The important part is having a relevant prize to your business.

Sure, Amazon gift cards may attract more people but will these be targeted individuals that’ll keep coming to learn more about your business? Not likely. Try business planners or books for a coaching business, tech tools for tech-savvy entrepreneurs, etc.

Here’s a great giveaway from a confectionery company, of course, giving away gummi bears for National Gummi Bear Day. Notice that they list the winners at the top of their post to show the contest is completed. Remember to use a specific giveaway hashtag too.

How-To Video

Have a product or service that needs a bit of explaining? A how-to video is a perfect way to showcase a product on how the product works or a service that shows value. Use a 3-step method if possible. Keep the video short and to the point.

Here’s a valuable 1-minute how-to video from Neil Patel, who explains how to gain traffic from voice search.


A photo post without any text should inspire and get your audience’s attention immediately. It’s got to create a reaction! You’ll find amazing photos on Instagram and the post captions don’t have anything to do with the photo.

Sue B Zimmerman does an amazing job of creating a beautiful profile without leaving out important Instagram tips, which is her specialty.

Below is a gorgeous photo near her home and the post is all about the difference between IG Stories and IGTV.

Sue B Zimmerman Instagram Post

Don’t be afraid to show off the area where you live (not exact address or details, of course) or your pets then segue into a valuable post.


Memes don’t all have to be reduced to silly cartoon comics. You can create a simple meme related to business, as long as you know your followers type of humor then run with it. People love to be entertained and have a laugh, especially running a stressful business.

Kayla from Ivory Mix has a sophisticated meme about coffee below, which goes with her brand fabulously.

First I drink the coffee meme from IvoryMix

Don’t be afraid to switch things up and try something different in your posts but also think of your brand.


Quotes never get old or lose their moments of inspiration when you use them sporadically and not daily. When a newsfeed is full of quotes or an Instagram profile has nothing but quotes then it looks spammy. Use quotes that will inspire your audience and get them energized for the day. Check out this post for some different ways to use quotes.

Here’s a great quote from Peg Fitzpatrick on Twitter, she regularly uses quotes with and without the text on the image.


Retweet or Share

If you see an awesome post describing your business or giving wonderful feedback, don’t be shy to retweet or share it. Your customer or follower will love the acknowledgment and will continue to promote your business.


Stats or Chart

People love data to back up their sources and sharing statistics or charts to prove a claim is an ultimate share. It’s not some random opinion piece that makes people wonder. Find well-known industry reports to find statistics that are relevant to your business and share the source.

Rebekah Radice shares awesome graphics with stats all the time. Check out the one below:



Get your audience to interact with you! A survey or poll can get answers to your questions quickly. Ask about a new product look, the next blog post topic, or book cover. Instagram makes it easy with polls on Instagram Stories. Facebook and Twitter also have awesome poll features and insights.

Make polls fun! You can also ask about non-business related topics to get to know your audience better.


Give people valuable tips in your social media posts. A simple image post with a business tip will go a long way. Take a tip from a blog post or case study.

Color combination tip


Stay on top of what’s trending! Weird holidays and national holidays can all play a role in social media marketing as long as it relates to your brand or industry. If you work from home, the Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day would work well as a social media post to show off your leopard PJs in a selfie with your laptop.

Whatever works for you! Use these unique days to stand out and get your business noticed.

By the way, you’ll want to get the social media planner from Louise Myers where she has all the weird holidays researched and packed with ideas to keep the social media content going.

Stay on top of the trends on Twitter and don’t forget to use the appropriate hashtags.


User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is a wonderful way to promote your business and honor a customer or fan. Using UGC can be easy to use for social media but be sure to tag them to show your appreciation.

Buffer relies heavily on user-generated content from their community and they get the most diverse photos to share. Here’s a great one:

Buffer User-Generated Content

Which Social Media Content Ideas Will You Try?

Let’s recap the variety of social media content ideas that will get your business noticed!

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Call-To-Action
  3. GIF
  4. Giveaway
  5. How-To Video
  6. Photos
  7. Meme
  8. Quote
  9. Retweet
  10. Stats
  11. Survey
  12. Tips
  13. Trending
  14. UGC

Which of these social media content ideas will you try next?

Let us know in the comments. Oh… make sure you pin the image below!

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