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The Power of Images

The Power of Images: The impact of sharing images with your audience

Here at Stencil we observe people creating and sharing thousands of images on a daily basis. We see images created by both large brands and individuals. The response we see from these images is incredible.

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Introducing: Weekly Snaps

We are extremely excited to announce our new service, Weekly Snaps!

A big concern for our customers is whether or not they can use certain photos for commercial purposes, in their blog articles, social media, etc. So we decided to put together a service which sends 20 beautiful, high resolution photos to your inbox every week. We’ve made sure they’re all totally safe for you to use however you want. We read through all the legal jargon and search the web for our absolute favorite images, package them up and send them right to your inbox once a week!

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Apps We Use to Run our Startup (Part 1)

Our users ask us all the time, what are our favorite apps?

What do we use on a daily basis at Share As Image to keep us up and running and growing?

So, we are happy to share our must have apps below. We have no affiliation to these companies, no kick backs, just our pure honest opinion on what we pay for and use on a monthly basis.

UPDATE: Check out Part 2 of this article for more of the amazing apps we use to run our startup.

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Buffer Integration is Here!

You asked and we delivered!

After countless requests from our Buffer users,  we are super excited to finally announce that we have added Buffer integration to Share As Image. Once you create your image you can share with Buffer.

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Two Big Announcements

We’ve got two incredible new features that are going to change the way you use Share As Image!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve completely revamped how images are shared and we now offer high definition downloads for all PROs and the all-new SmartShare for Facebook & Twitter!

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Image Tweets Stand Out

Twitter’s Expanded Increase Engagement


A few months ago, Twitter made some big changes, one being adding inline images to tweets.You no longer need to click the image link to open up the image. The tweet is now expanded and you can see the image within it.

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Start Sharing with Buffer

Use Buffer to help share your micro-content

Micro-content is all about creating and sharing a piece of information quickly and easily while engaging your users. We have told you all about how Share As Image helps you create micro-content engage your users by creating and customizing beautiful images to share.

If you have not heard of Buffer or do not use it, you are missing out! At Share As Image we use Buffer everyday and absolutely love it. It will be your new best friend, besides Share As Image of course. It will help you better manage all of your and your clients social media accounts and make sharing your content a whole lot easier.

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Go Micro

Creating & sharing micro-content

Everyday we are bombarded with a ton of information – brands trying to make their way into our lives. With such short attention spans and so little time, they need to capture our  attention quickly. Micro-content is the key to making that happen.

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