How to Create Images with Icons & Graphics using Stencil

How to create images with icons and graphics using Stencil

Icons are used in our every day lives. We may not be aware of it or notice until we are traveling abroad, taking a driver’s test, or clicking a link on a website. Part of great visual design includes icons and graphics. Rather than a photo or color background, icons can deliver universal communication in social media, web design, and other images. We’d like to guide you on how to create images with icons and graphics using Stencil. This way any images you create for social media and other platforms can have a clear message, leaving no confusion with potential customers or clients.

Here are some obvious icons that are clear and can be understood universally.

Communicate clearly with icons, especially with universal icons such as these. Stencil provides more tips on how to create images with icons.
Food, water, and restroom are the most common icons used.

Using basic icons can be self-explanatory but what about icons that are not universal? We’ll show you how to use templates with icons to make a graphic in seconds, how to find and use icons that aren’t universal, and how to save your favorite icons to use in future designs. Let’s get started.

How to Create Images with Icons and Graphics

Take advantage of templates! Stencil makes it easy to create images with icons to provide clear messaging and inspire ideas. Take a look at Stencil’s templates below:

Templates in Stencil have a variety of icons that can be used to help create images.
Scrolling through Stencil’s templates.

There are a variety of great social media, ad, and other design templates with icons to provide easy communication with style.

Using templates with icons in Stencil.
Make designing easier with Stencil’s templates that have icons ready to use.

Let’s take this email marketing template below, for example. The icon used is an envelope with a pencil. It’s very simple however if you take the icon away from the graphic, and just leave the text, then the messaging doesn’t come across the same way. That simple icon, created a design with flare and style to make people want to learn more.

A simple icon can help create the entire design. Create images in Stencil with thousands of icons to choose from.
The image becomes interesting with the icon.

Icons can help build a sense of intrigue. Isn’t visual marketing supposed to intrigue you? The icon and text helps bring the message all together.

Don’t choose an icon and assume everyone in the world will understand your message. When looking at the image below, can you tell what the message is by using the icon alone?

headset icon in Stencil
What is this?

You can probably take a few guesses on what my message may mean: customer service, listen to music, performing or entertaining, seating chart, etc. There are countless ways to misconstrue the true meaning of the message. Don’t let people assume what you mean or it could lead to awful consequences, especially on the social media end.

Label your icon with text to make certain the image evokes the message you’d like to convey.

headset 24:7 support icon in Stencil
Ah! Now I know what this is and what it means.

Now that’s better! You can now understand what the messaging means. Having the icon plus the short description in text makes all the difference.

Finding the icon or graphic in Stencil

Sometimes a template may not have an icon or graphic you need for your design. That’s when you can search from the 200,000+ royalty-free icons in the Icons and Graphics section in Stencil. Simply search for the topic in the search bar and you’ll find plenty of results.

Icons and graphics section in Stencil.
Go to the Icons & Graphics section to search a topic, use a Featured icon, or upload a graphic.

When you first click on Icons and Graphics on the left of the canvas, the Featured Icons & Graphics will be displayed immediately. Any trending topics will have icons ready to use at the top of the display. Icons have been categorized into popular searches, such as: arrows, featured, food/drink, shapes, social, and sports. You can access the categories by clicking on the Featured Icons & Graphics link for a dropdown of options.

Find categories of icons in Stencil
Find a category to select to search for an icon.

If your topic doesn’t fit into any of those categories, simply do a search.

Below I’ve inputted a search for cats. Don’t forget to click on the little star to save the icon for later. You can save so much time on multiple images in the future when you save your favorite icons.

Search for any topic to find a great icon for your design for social media in Stencil.
Find the icon and click on the star to save it for later use.

Save your icons to use later by clicking on the star in Stencil!

You may wonder if there’s a way to use your own icon or graphics for your design. You can certainly upload any graphic or icon you’d like to include in your image (shown below).

Upload graphics into Stencil to help create your designs.
Can’t find an icon or graphic? Then upload it!

Once you have a graphic or icon selected and the brief description for text then start designing in Stencil! Let’s say you’re running a contest for your business. Create a social media image to announce the winner.

You're a winner image with trophy icon in Stencil.
Create a quick social media graphic with icons and text in Stencil.

I’ve used a Featured icon of a trophy, changed the color to gold, made it bigger and moved it to the top of the canvas to make room for my text. If I would have left the icon independently on the canvas, my audience wouldn’t know what I’d like to convey in messaging. Be sure to add text with the icon to support the message.

You Can Now Create Images with Icons and Graphics

Now you’re the winner! Any time you can create a meaningful image without much effort it’s a win. Stencil makes it easy to use icons and graphics for your designs.

Question for you:

Which icons do you use most in your images for social media or other marketing assets?

We’d love to know. Let us know in the comments!

How to Create Images with Icons and Graphics using Stencil. Visual marketing made simple with icons to create a social media graphic in seconds. Check out how to simplify your design with icons.