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Access 2,100,000+ Pixabay photos in Stencil

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Pixabay, like Pexels and Unsplash, is a photo database that prides itself on curating beautiful photos that are high quality and easily searchable.

Their database of over 2,100,000 photos makes them one of the largest royalty-free photo databases online, and our Stencil Integration makes it so you can access their photos when you're designing your graphics.

With this integration you can:

  • Search through all 2,100,000+ photos in seconds
  • Favorite any photos
  • Add photos to your own collections to group them together
  • Crop any photos from Pixabay to use in your designs
  • Not worry about licensing or attribution details related to photos

Sample Pixabay Photo Search

Sample Pixabay Photo Search

Pixabay is one of the largest (if not, the largest) royalty-free photo databases online. But not only that: they have some of the best quality photos available. They were the first photo database we integrated into Stencil, and we actively maintain it to make sure you have access to their photos without having to leave the design process.

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