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Dropbox Integration

Import your Dropbox images directly into Stencil for quick edits

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Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service which lets you store files on your computer and in the cloud. With our integration, you can now import any images stored in your Dropbox folders or directories directly into Stencil in just a few clicks.

The advantage of doing this is you don't have to search through your computer to find the right images if you already know exactly where they are in your Dropbox account.

With this integration you can:

  • Import entire directories into your Uploads section
  • Import logos or watermarks you've stored in Dropbox into your Logos / Watermarks section in Stencil
  • Make quick edits to any images or photos you have stored in your Dropbox account

Choose the Dropbox Importer

Choose the Dropbox Importer

Select images & photos from your Dropbox

Select images & photos from your Dropbox

This integration will help speed up your design flow so that you don't need to search through your computer (or Dropbox account) to find your images, logos or watermarks. In a few clicks, you can now import them right in, and start editing them.

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