5 Stencil Tricks You Should Know


Its no secret that Stencil wants its users to be able to create beautiful content as simply and efficiently as possible. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have any extra tricks up our sleeves. In fact, we want to share them with you now. Below are 5 next level tricks that will help you power up and use stencil like a pro.

1. Dynamic Text  – Adding shadow using color outline and drop shadow.

Using Drop Shadow

Our first two tricks should help you enhance the readability of your content. For making text that stands out more, use Stencils drop shadow to create an extra layer or shadow. Using this technique should add some depth to your text that really help the words to pop out at the reader.

2. Background Color – Creating a text backdrop using background color.

background color to enhance readability

Using background color is great way to achieve a similar effect. For example: you may find an image that fits your content perfectly, but has visual elements that obscure your text. This often occurs in landscape images that have sky or trees sitting exactly where you want to place your text. Use a background color to make this text easier to read. Highlight your text and select background color to choose something that feels right.

3. Browser Extras – Optimize your work by using Stencil anywhere! 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.33.42 AM

Stencil has two great tools that can only be unlocked by adding our extension to your browser. Find the drop menu labeled “Extras” and click on “Extensions.” Choose the browser you currently use and you’ll be prompted to add our extension. Doing this will enable two handy features. No matter what site you’re on, you’ll now be able to easily add text to an image by right clicking that image and scrolling down to the Stencil option. You and your image will be taken to the Stencil app. Conversely, you can now select any text you find on the internet! This trick is currently available to Google Chrome and Firefox users only.

4. Watermarks and Logos

watermarks : logos

Watermarks and logos are a great way to brand your content or make simple images look more professional for your client.

Why are these tools important?

B&H, New York City’s favorite camera rental house, recently published a highly informative post on the matter. 

5. Upgrading accounts – Pro and Unlimited


Our last trick can be accessed when you upgrade to Pro service: Unlimited Favorites. If you have a small business and want to save time, treat stencil as your own personal inventory for royalty free images. Skip the search through online picture caches and stock up on all your favorites— right in stencil. This allows you to stay in one app while you select and customize images. With Pro, you can save an unlimited number of these favorites for quick and easy use at a later time.

If a new task pops up and you don’t want to take time to go search for more content, just stay in Stencil. Everything will be waiting for you.