Simple Image Design for Mortgage Brokers

Are you in the Mortgage Brokerage industry, and looking for a simple way to create graphics for your business?

Why create images for your mortgage brokerage business in the first place?

If you work in the Mortgage Brokerage industry, you know more than anyone that it's getting harder to stick out from the crowd. New platforms are making it more difficult to get noticed. This is most noticable on social media. On Facebook alone, you get 2.3 times more engagement when you include photos or images with your post. That makes a big difference! Here's why else it's important to you as a mortgage broker:

Promote your client success stories and let people know about recent mortgages you've guarenteed for your clients
Brand your images, photos and graphics with your brokerage logo or name
Increase your engagement online (images get 84% more click-throughs on Facebook)
Make yourself stand out from other brokerages by posting eye-catching images and graphics

It only takes a few seconds to design your first image!

While the mortgage brokerage industry still relies on some fundamental concepts, the landscape of how you attract clients and find the right banks for them is changing. That might mean keeping up with new banks and loans that are becoming available, or dealing with more complicated personal financial situations (like a huge increase in freelance and contract employed home owners). And whether you're working with home buyers, or companies looking to buy new places to expand their businesses, we know your time is precious.

That's how we try to help. Our goal is to help people working as mortgage brokers, or in the mortgage brokerage industry, to stand out from your competitors online. Whether that means helping you design branded graphics for emails or newsletters, or walking you through the process of posting to social media about your success stories, Stencil is the easiest and fastest way to fit digital marketing into your schedule.

With Stencil, you can create images just like these in minutes:

Mortgage confirmed!

742 Evergreen Terrace

Find your perfect mortgage

the best rates

Agent of the year.

You won't be intimidated by Stencil. It's the simplest way to design graphics.

While there are hundreds of features with Stencil, we try to focus on the ones that help you do your job best. One of these features is letting you upload your watermark or logo, and then remembering exactly where it should be each time you design a new image.

One of the other ways we stand out from other tools like Photoshop is we have some of the best Customer Support you'll experience. We're always available to chat, help you through any questions, or even get on a call to chat and hear about ideas you may have to make Stencil better. That's one of our favourite parts.

Millions of photos for you to use (or upload your own)!

In order to design eye catching graphics to post online, photos are key. And that's why we provide you with 5,000,000+ photos at no additional charge. Trust us when we say you'll find a photo for every possible situation ;)

But just as important as the quantity of photos is the licensing. And that's the other piece of the puzzle we've solved for you: all the photos that Stencil gives you access to can be used for personal and commercial purposes. That means you don't need to buy an licenses, or attribute photos to anyone.

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Icons, icons, everywhere!

And if you thought that the photos weren't enough, then we've got some news for you: Stencil gives you access to 3,100,000+ icons for you to design better graphics. There are literally thousands of icons specific to the mortgage brokerage industry.

And the samae terms apply to the icons as the photos: don't worry about licensing or attribution. We've partnered with a number of providers over the years so that you don't need to worry about anything around copyright.

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Why should you design images and graphics to help your business?

We're all struggling these days, trying to balance the dozens (if not hundreds) of different tasks we have in our jobs. The same goes for anyone working in the mortgage brokerage industry. But marketing your services, success stories, or even special rates that only you can get for your customers or clients, is important. And one of the best ways to tell people about this is through social media marketing.

That doesn't mean you need to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter everyday. Stencil helps you post to any of those networks. But what you should be doing is wherever you're marketing your business, you should be making sure you stand out. And personalized images and graphics are the best way to do that.

Why Using Images is Important for
Promoting Your Mortgage Brokerage Business


More likely to be shared

Visual content is more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Source)


More engagement

Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. (Source)


Marketers say photography is critical

46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies. (Source)


More Favorites

Tweets with images received 89% more favorites. (Source)


More Retweets

Buffer reported that for its user base, tweets with images received 150% more retweets than tweets without images. (Source)


More Clicks

Photos get 84% more click-throughs on Facebook. (Source)

4 Ways using images can help you as a mortgage broker

Here are some ways to make yourself stand out online using images and graphics:


Promote rates that you're able to get new home buyers

New home buyers are getting overloaded with what and where to buy. Promoting great mortgage rates through your online channels can help make it clearer for them (rather than forcing them to read through bank websites).


Design images that promote a relationship you have with a specific bank or lender

Depending on where you operate, there could be dozens, if not hundreds, of different banks or lenders. Designing images that promote your relationship with a bank or lender can help grab a social media users attention, especially when it's with a bank or lender that they are familiar with or trust.


Craft a simple design that list out the services you provide (eg. residential and commercial loans)

A challenge for new home buyers is that they don't always understand what a Mortgage Broker does. Designing graphics or images that list your services make it much easier for someone to quickly grasp what you can offer them.


Design ads for use on Facebook or Twitter to help attract new clients

Advertisements on popular social networks can be really effective, especially for brokers who can foster strong relationships with their clients and be part of not just one, but multiple purchases in the future. Images and graphics are key to online advertisements in 2021.

Share Previews

Get active on social media like other mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokers are starting to fight for online attention. Whether it's advertisements on social networks, or creating their own Facebook groups to share lending rates or special deals, social media is where a huge amount of attention has shifted to. So in order to make sure people are able to keep up with your services, designing images and graphics to post on these social networks or channels is super important.

Stencil makes that as easy as possible, including one-click posting after you've designed your image, directly from Stencil.

Try the world's fastest way to create
images for mortgage brokers.

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Standing out as a Broker in 2021 requires social media and digital marketing

It used to be that standing out as a broker required fostering strong relationships with the people in your community, and making sure they knew you could get them the best rates possible. But now that the internet has taken such a strong hold, people are leaning towards brokers that grab their attention online. Whether that's through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest. So to make sure your services don't get lost in the mix, you need to start marketing on social media and through other digital mediums.

That's where Stencil comes in. While we can't tell you exactly what to design, we can provide you with millions or photos and icons, and hundreds of templates to get you started. Stencil doesn't require you to download anything, so if you're interested in standing out as a broker, it's the perfect fit to get started.

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