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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to design graphics to promote your book (or eBooks) online?

Why should you spend time designing graphics for your book or eBook?

Like it or not, online and digital promotion of your books help drive sales. People are spending so much time online (and on their phones), that getting in front of them while they're checking their phone for a few minutes (including their Instagram or Facebook feeds) is key to ensuring a robust promotional strategy. Here's how online promotion can help your book or eBooks:

Remind people of your upcoming book launch
Feature (your best) excerpts to give people a taste of what they're missing
Promote any readings you may have at local book stores or clubs
Show off your eBook covers online to tease people about what's coming up

Graphic design should take minutes (not hours)

Working as an author in 2021 requires much more than perfecting your prose and writing craft. It means connecting with other authors (and websites) online, and on social media. It also means keeping up with other book launches, conferences, and workshops or events.

Managing all those things (and let's not forget about actually writing), require a lot of time. But that's exactly why we built Stencil: to be the best way to save time while you're designing graphics. It's no exaggeration: you can design graphics with Stencil in minutes (and sometimes seconds if all you want to do is crop an image and add your logo to it).

Here are some sample images that you can design with Stencil in under 2-minutes:


Book Launch Next Week

Author Signing

Just passed 5,000 sales!

"My Favorite Cooking Book"

Workshop next month!

How is Stencil different?

There are a lot of options when it comes to designing graphics. But Stencil is different than almost all of them for one simple reason: we're fast. We don't confuse you with multiple different pages, tabs, blocks, areas or screens. We show you the entire app in one go, and get out of the way so you can design your image fast (and move on with your day).

That being said, we also try to speed up your usage by offering a Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-on, Safari Extension and WordPress Plugin. By using these, you make your job even faster (by not having to visit just to design a graphic).

5,000,000+ photos to use!

The last thing we want you to worry about when you're designing your images is which photo to use (and what are the licensing details for it's usage). That's why we supply you with 5,000,000+ photos to use (at no additional charge).

And along with these photos, we've taken care of the copyright: so long as you're using Stencil to design your graphics, you can use those photos however you'd like (personal or commercial).

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Also.. we provide you with a few icons (3,100,000+)!

The question we usual get after photos is whether or not we have icons for you to use. Yep! We've got 3,100,000+ icons (and that number is always growing). So we're sure you'll find the perfect book, writing or eBook icon to suit your graphics.

And the same rules apply for our icons: don't worry about any copyright issues! Just design your graphics (for personal or commercial purposes)!

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How does Stencil help authors online?

We've worked with hundreds of authors, journalists, bloggers and writers online. And we hear over and over again about how little time they have. They tell us about how they've spent hours in Photoshop (or some other graphic design software) just to get their logo on an image to post on their social media channels.

We think that's a waste of your time. If you want to post to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, it should take minutes, not hours. And that should include the time to design your graphics.

We help authors online by giving them access to all the tools they need (including photos and icons), so that they can design their graphics (and post directly to social media) and move on with their day.

How graphics help Authors, Writers & Bloggers


More likely to be shared

Visual content is more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Source)


More engagement

Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. (Source)


Marketers say photography is critical

46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies. (Source)


More Favorites

Tweets with images received 89% more favorites. (Source)


More Retweets

Buffer reported that for its user base, tweets with images received 150% more retweets than tweets without images. (Source)


More Clicks

Photos get 84% more click-throughs on Facebook. (Source)

4 graphic designs that can help you sell more books online

Here are some ways that designing simple graphics can help you grow your bottom-line:


Design quote graphics and images with excerpts from your book

People love a good quote. They're easily digestible, and easily sharable (which is great for you). But rather than just throwing up some text, we think it's important to wrap that quote or excerpt in an image. They're much more interesting to read and share.


Promote recent sales of your print or eBook

Like it or not, we're all attracted to a winner. So if your sales are doing well, make sure you let people know. It reminds them what they may be missing.


Feature testimonials or reviews from your readers about your newest work

Testimonials and reviews (also known as 'Social Proof') are one of the most effective ways to encourage online users and readers that they should be paying attention to you. Quickly throwing together an image that includes a testimonial or review from one of your readers can go incredibly far in encouraging new customers to check out your print or online book.


Craft graphics that detail an upcoming book launch, reading or workshop

Connecting the online world with the digital world can be tough. So getting people's attention about your in-person events (including your launches, readings, workshops, panels or debates) can be incredibly useful to convert casual visitors and followers into customers. But beware: just tweeting out the details won't be enough: you'll want to design a simple graphic with the dates (and ideally an image of yourself) to make the story shareable.

Share Previews

Social Media is part of our lives; even for authors

Now that writing a print or digital book has become to much simpler, it means you're likely dealing with a lot of competition. One way to address that is by promoting your work on social media. While this can be frustrating, it can also be incredibly rewarding. All it takes is one viral post to get the attention of thousands of potential readers.

To make this easier for you, Stencil allows you to post directly to your Social Media channels from within the app. So once you've design your image, you don't need to leave the app. You can just click the 'Preview & Share' button to get everything posted in the right place!

Check out the easiest way for authors to design images and graphics.

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Digital Marketing and Graphics Design is a new requirement for Authors

It couldn't be easier in 2021 to get your own book printed or online. But that means standing out is also more difficult. That being said, we sincerely believe that promoting your work online is one of the best ways to increase your odds of success. And we sincerely believe Stencil is the fastest and easiest way for authors, journalists, writers and bloggers to accomplish that.

We've built it specifically for people like you. To get in, design your images, and get out. We've made the photo and icon discovery process as simple as can be. We've made the process of posting to your Social Media channels as fast as possible. And we've even designed our WordPress Plugin so that if you're using Stencil to add images to your site, it's as seamless as possible. Add to that this one final thing: we're here to help. We offer unlimited, free support. If you want some guidance, or have some questions, we're always available to help.

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